Monday, June 15, 2009


A group of us are on a support mission: My mother and mother/father-in-law, Jesse and myself. We have had a first meeting and discussed our agendas and goals. Then MiL passed out calorie diaries and the food categories for keeping track (VERY HELPFUL).

Yesterday was a very active day. We did eventually make it to Sugarloaf. Just me and the kids and I brought Abby. We took the green path up, first time this season (the side with the stairs from the top parking lot) and I puffed like a locomotive with Arthur on my back. I thought Abby would be more of a puller, like she is with mom, but no, she always walks beside me (so I should have known she wouldn't pull me up!)

I sweat more with the walk up and back down than I have on the past 4 trips to Sugarloaf (we have gone every Sunday in a row) and more than I did with my morning bike ride. I have no idea how many calories that used but I had been following the 1200 calories and was at 921 by the walk (with the only meal left being dinner). I was lightheaded when we got home. We had vegetable stir-fry with lean pork and brown rice. I had a small helping (which was SO hard) of rice, using my MiL's chart.

After talking to "the group" about the lightheadedness I understand that yesterday was too active for 1200 (pilates, biking, and climbing) and on days like that I might need 1500.

(left 10.20.08/right 6.14.09)


  1. Ok. So we gotta talk. I love that you're all about this but we gotta talk about diet/nutrition and about your exercise schedule. I think you're headed in an amazing direction, but a little tweaking might be in order. I'll leave the diet/nutrition for when I'm home, but remember to rest. Rest is as much an important part of proper fitness as is what you eat and how you exercise. I would suggest, that you try to either do 3 days on 1 day off and repeat, or 4days on 1 day off repeat. And as close to 8h of sleep/night. It's not in our genes, but it'll make a huge difference. When I'm back in MD, be ready for some ass-kicking. How's that for incentive?

  2. love it! when are you coming back?