Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Calorie Conundrum

Lately I am too active for the 1200 a day and need to do 1500 (a sentence I never thought I'd say again...too active!) I am doing well so far with a 12-1500 calorie intake (diary is on the fridge!) but each day I seem to be missing more snacks and not drinking enough water. I don't understand how this works, because I am consuming WAY less than ever. This is completely unintentional and I will have to focus more on consuming the six small meals. But, I thought I'd be more hungry. The water is a no-brainer, I need to get better about that, but the day seems to disappear before I can float away on it!

It's only day 4 with the tracker but I think it is easy enough to fit into a daily routine. I was at a cook-out the day before last and managed to remember what I was consuming instead of blindly chowing down (something about old dogs and new tricks comes to mind).

Either way, we are going to have a weekly weigh in to record the ups and downs of weightloss. (I've lost 3 inches in 3 weeks and 6lbs at two lbs a week!)

As far as activity. I am steady on. Yesterday Mil, Fil and Jesse played tennis. J said it was a good time and they will do it again. I think I might tag along next time, good cardio mix up.

ETA: Did my 20 min Pilates today because of the rain and will likely use the bike. Read this article and am reminded that my Walk Jog Coach from Hood highly recommended a heart rate monitor, too.

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