Sunday, June 28, 2009


I've been wasting time online tonight because I am too exhausted to sleep. My eyes are heavy and strained and I know I should be striving for those 8 priceless hours of sleep...but I am reading.

Here are two golden nuggets I found on my exploration of the Internet and one lead to the other. Very insightful and useful information on both pages. I am now a follower of the second link because it offers many other interesting articles.

Today was a meeting day and weigh in. I have found that I need a new scale. I think I maintained my same weight from last week--neither gaining nor losing--but I can't tell because if I even vary my stance or lean in any direction I get a reading that can be as much as 20lbs off. Normally weighing 20lbs less would be rewarding, but it is just frustrating. Tomorrow is my physical and I should get a more accurate reading first thing in the morning. (Also, Zumba starts Tuesday and I am still UBER excited!)

I passed out the exercise log my walk jog class used for monitoring aerobic fitness and heart rate. We discussed set backs from the week and gave each other suggestions and encouragement for fighting our blahs. My mom-in-law brought back the bikes she had taken two weeks earlier, all fixed by my talented and capable dad-in-law. Del and I took out my bike with Arthur on the back and had an exhilarating 3.4 mile stint to celebrate.

Speaking of celebrating: Last night, because I wanted to fit in some cardio, I used the recumbent bike for my usual 30 minutes and I WAS ELATED when I hit 8 miles at level 10 in the 30 min, and maintained a strong hold in THR zone for the workout: 143! So very exciting I was giddy for hours--which I will be more cautious of in the future, because I did this at midnight and then was unable to fall asleep until 2.

Also yesterday I push mowed an acre and finished up what was too dark to cut last night this afternoon--with Arthur on my back. AND today I wrote down the actual calories of my food, instead of just the food items and coloring the square--which ensured I stayed under 1500. I feel a bit successful today. :)

This week will be a true challenge because each day has a lot of activity...riding to and fro in the car for different doctors' appointments. And my modified lifestyle will be going on the road for several days which will make fast food a temptation. Hopefully if it comes to such things I will remain disciplined and not sabotage this week's progress. I have my resistance bands and they are ready to travel!

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