Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Baby-steps in Leaps and Bounds

After finding that my exercise buddy, my husband, is happier participating if there is an objective (not just a hamster on a wheel), I struck off on my own this morning. Del and I walked to the bus stop and once he was on board I continued on a walk jog. The first of hopefully many.

It is strange how I talked to myself out-loud. Telling myself when to start jogging and looking for the visual clue that I could stop again. I know that my duration will increase, but I was pretty exhilarated after just two reps of jogging. Since I have shin-splints I just want to be sure that I don't screw up my legs before Zumba.

Funny thing is, since I have started this more active trend, I can't stop moving. Active Inertia has taken hold. Throughout the day I look for more ways to move. I feel restless. Jesse said, "Sit DOWN" the other day because I was a live wire of energy. If I can maintain this high and not injure myself I think the weight will pretty much just fall off.

Letting go of sugar is a different slice of cake. Since I covet sweets I am on an uphill battle. I have read that this powerful desire dwindles as exercise increases and milestones are passed. But a spoonful of coconut is divine all the same.

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