Monday, June 8, 2009

Well here's a list instead

I can't seem to figure out how to get my chart into this post without making it a picture in Photoshop, (which I did, but then couldn't figure out how to manipulate it in Photoshop.)

So, my chart that is posted on the fridge:

Sunday: Pilates and Cardio. The Pilates--I have been using a Windsor Pilates DVD of the 20 min basic workout and for cardio, the family and I (including Jesse) have been going to Sugarloaf Mountain to hike. I carry Arthur in the backpack for convenience and a challenge.

Monday: Weight Training/Resistance. Last week I used the bench weights, this week I used the weed-whacker to trim the front yard (gotta say the weed-whacker presented a decent challenge, I had jello arms). Today I also played frisbee with Jesse and Del and then took a walk around the neighborhood with J after the kids were in bed.

Tuesday: Pilates workout again. Starting June 30th, Zumba will be the cardio.

Wednesday: Cardio and Weight training/Resistance. Found the dumb-bells so I will do some of the Rep Reebok exercises I remember from a class a few years ago.

Thursday: Currently Thursdays are abs/buns/thighs by Windsor Pilates, 2 DVDs for 43 min, but I am going to move that to Fridays after Zumba starts. And then move Friday's to Thursdays.

Friday: Off. Weigh Day.

Saturday: Cardio.

Each activity for each day has a box to check off and the weigh day has a line to write the weight. The first week I lost 6lbs. However, after this weekend I may have gained it all back. My sister was in town and there were MANY parties on Saturday (4 to be exact) where excess calories were consumed. I also sabotaged this week by spending a weeks worth of groceries on all you can eat crabs with the Austins. Jesse said, "it wasn't worth it because (he) is too cheap to appreciate such an extravagance these days". Part of me agrees, but that irrational glutton in me says it was SOOOO worth it. Yum!

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