Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Incredible Shrinking Woman...in the making

I am using this second blog as a place to keep track of progress. A place to make me feel accountable for my actions before reasons harden into excuses. This blog will be used to post fitness achievements and setbacks.

This morning I created a weekly fitness plan and posted it to my fridge, next to the menu for the week. Already I have bypassed brownies at breakfast and hot dogs at lunch in favor of yogurt and bananas for b-fast, a small bowl of Wheat Chex for a between snack and then chicken for lunch with milk twice already today and three glasses of water.

Tuesday: Flexibility and Cardio

Julie and I got out our yoga mats and followed a DVD for a basic 20 min Pilates workout. After lunch I used our recumbent bike for 10 minutes, using the cross-train mode for 2 miles. That's all I could do before Arthur needed to be put down for a nap. Julie is holding me to my promise for a walk when it cools down so that will be today's exercise finished. Tomorrow is weights/resistance.

Pushing for results and looking to cross the finish-line.

I have never seen our fridge so full before. This is a pic of the food needed for the menu of the week.

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