Tuesday, June 23, 2009

C is for Cookie

and that's not good enough for me! Gram Crackers and baked chips have been sabotaging my efforts this week. I feel disheartened. While I am still writing down what I'm eating, it is hard to stop eating the Grams (I just love them so!) and I will instead write things like "lots o chips" or "stack of Grams". I have put in a lot of cardio this week and have increased my biking to 7 miles in 30 minutes. This has put some strain on my knees, and this is the third day I woke up with pain in my arches...I am wondering if I need a new pair of shoes. Money has been stressing me out as well. Whenever I am worried about money or panicked about bills I feel overwhelmed and want to eat junk food. I become cranky and agitated and then after I've indulged in the food, I feel guilty. It's a vicious cycle.

I am feeling slow and under motivated. Also, I think the biggest frustration comes from a lack of meal planning this week. We have not made our weekly menu or done our food shopping (mostly because of my preoccupation with other bills and expenses) and last night dinner was at a diner to pacify the kids after a big day of errands. One of those errands being a pick up--my dress is in! (It is still lovely and the goal oriented person in me is determined to look great in it by September!)

I can't really complain about the results; they are here and have been consistent. I have lost a chin and can actually feel that my face is slimmer (I can feel my cheek bones and jaw!). My bras are feeling roomier and my pants fit correctly. My legs feel stronger and I can bend and stretch further. I know that change is happening and each morning I am excited to wake up because the transformations seem to happen overnight.

Perhaps I have hit my first roadblock in an otherwise obsessive preoccupation. Just the same, my rational brain says tomorrow is a new day and after reading several blogs/articles/newsletters I know I am already doing the magic combination...(Calorie intake conscious, cardio/toning routines, Pilates/yoga for flexibility and balance). I just need to control my cravings by controlling my stress...and be patient.

Pushing forward: After talking to a friend about the benefits of weight training and toning, I went out today and got some resistance bands and a stationary ring for my yoga ball. I'm excited to use them and have taken them out of the boxes. A

step in the right direction!

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