Thursday, June 18, 2009

Change Up

Today's workout included a 45 minute yoga restoration routine on DVR. After all the recumbent use it was nice to have a change up. Since the goal of restoration yoga is to remove stress from the body and open hip-flexers and release tightness in larger muscles it was very enjoyable. Especially Pigeon!

Using my yoga ball after the routine to do a few extra stretches and crunches also helped to lengthen all the tension I have been feeling in my legs.

The kids and I took a quick paced 10 minute walk in the neighborhood--I really felt this in my calf muscles and was excited for a long walk at this speed...then I got a blister on the back of my heel. I'll have to wear flip flops for a few days so it will be all healed up for ZUMBA!

After some pruning in the front gardens (large overgrowing trees, shrubs, and bushes got a trim), the rain heaved itself down on us in a flooding wash. So while in the garage I remembered my weight bench! 5 rotations each of 5 bench presses and 10 reverse crunches. Because of the pilates I have gotten pretty good at the reverse crunch. My arms and chest really need more attention though--I've been doing push ups but not regularly.

The diet is still going well, too. Today I used last nights roasted chicken to make an awesome chicken salad. I will definitely be making this again.

Two cups pulled chicken, shreaded in food processor (the little model),
Two carrots and two celery also shreaded in processor.
4 tbs Lime vinegerette dressing.
1/4 cup rasins.

Mix and serve. Yeilds 5, 1/2 cup servings. We used whole wheat saltines and it was delicious. The kids really liked it and wished there was more! Next time I might even try some nuts.

After dinner (Jesse's famous Chili served with rice) we went as a family--J, too!-- on a small walk down the street and back playing a fun game of tag as we went.

Sunday is the next group meeting and MiL is picking up our bikes while she is here, to have them maintanenced. I am so anxious to get on a bike outside!

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