Friday, October 2, 2009

Fitness guru

Why is it that many people who have lost weight (and in the process of the trial, learned a great deal about themselves and life), want to become personal trainers? Why!? Yet, here I am, wanting to go get my graduate degree in nutrition and exercise science. Here I am feeling exuberant with each new day and wanting to MOVE around. I am to the point where I feel cranky if I haven't been as active as I want to be.

What's more, I find myself wanting to take on kids! I have a new job, which I am LOVING with Funfit. My classes are offered through a rec center, but there is an actual location with a gym set up for kids. What a fantastic concept. Since I have been teaching this class I feel so energized! It's just fun!

The conflict. While I am feeling energized and having fun and wanting to go further my education...I feel like I am not doing enough activity. All the things I have been doing over the past few months have been wonderful but now, they aren't enough. I am thirsty and looking for some adventure--frugal excitement.

It's time for new shoes so that I can get moving!

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